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Here's a note from Dan Rodgers who sent in the pics of a watercolor painting that he has:

These are the pics...there is one full one in there which shows the viewing tower on the American side of the Horseshoe Falls...the 45.8KB file Bartlett Full View along with two of his signature.

If you would not mind putting by the pic...Does anyone know who painted this? circa 1820-1850 approx 8 by 6 inches watercolour please send email to...(either you or me).

I have passed your site along to many family and friends I grew up with and have since moved away from Niagara Falls...I currently have the Clifton Gate set as my background...interested because you can see the beginning of the wall which I helped to maintain while working for the N.P.C. during summer breaks and the entrance to the park from the north side. The rail tracks are interesting too...just reading the books I have the N.P.C. published about how the parks on both sides of the border were started and the rail line was often mentioned in there.

Anyway, thanks for your help. Shivering in cool mountain air in Calgary right now.

Don Rodgers

The four below are thumbnailed, click on them for the larger version

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