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Niagara Falls

These scans are all thumbnailed, click on the picture to see the larger version

 Section Seven from the Hotel Niagara

These are mainly of the Indian Room Lounge. There use to be a painted mural in the bar but that is no more. I worked there about ten years ago (at the time I wrote this anyway) and took these pictures before they tore it down. I don't know what happened to the paintings afterwards.

brochure1.jpg (376382 bytes) brochure2.jpg (335624 bytes) matches1.jpg (91478 bytes) matches2.jpg (93318 bytes)

Click on any pic on this page for larger version. on the murals below only the thumbnails are blurry. The pictures are scanned from 8x10's (real live photographs, pre-digi <G>) that I took and printed myself.

mural_a.jpg (329280 bytes) mural_b.jpg (368241 bytes) mural_c.jpg (363110 bytes) mural_d.jpg (293652 bytes)

FINALLY, here it is spliced together. This is pretty much what you saw when you looked behind the bar. Click for the BIG version. (and yes, the face on the far right IS cut off at the ceiling)

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